A leader in residential and commercial specialist cleaning services. Reliable, safe, and affordable
cleaning services in the South of England.

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As an essential service actively involved in the fight against the spread of the pandemic, we
understand the risks and uncertainties that you face. we are here to help you deal with all your home and business hygiene concerns.

Who we are

We’re a professional, specialist cleaning service operating in Surrey, London and across the South of England. Through a combination of our strong work ethic, precautionary approach, and use of the safest and latest technology, we meet all your cleaning and sanitation needs.

What we do

Tersus Services provides reliable, safe, and affordable cleaning services at residential and commercial properties. We offer one-off cleaning and long-term contracts. We aim to provide you with the best possible, affordable solution to keep your home and business safe.

Are you looking for a regular cleaning service?

Above all, we offer cleaning and disinfection services for homes and businesses of all sizes.
Any space, anywhere, will benefit from cleaning and disinfection services.


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