The Future of Office Cleaning is Outsourced

Never before has the world reacted with such fervour and vigour to a need for proper sanitation and cleaning. And while many businesses have reacted by having staff work from home, or reducing [...]

Rethinking Cleaning

Now, if you ask three people what they think constitutes proper cleaning, you’ll get three different answers. That’s because every space has different challenges, and what people expect depends [...]

Coronavirus Cleaning – Why You Need a Professional Service

Why we clean has dictated how we clean. Now, the need for thorough cleaning to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens, like the coronavirus, has highlighted the need for expert cleaning services [...]

The Better Future – A Look at Long-Term Cleaning Benefits

The world has changed, and we have no choice but to change with it. From how we interact with each other, to how we clean, the need for a thorough, thought-out approach has never been more [...]

Rethink How You Clean

The world has changed. Are you ready to change with it? At Tersus Services, our goal isn’t to simply clean and sanitise spaces. We want to revolutionise how people think about cleaning their [...]