We’re all looking for a comprehensive, affordable cleaning solution that gives us the peace of mind that our spaces, whether an office, store, or home, are sanitised and protected.

But, whether it’s budget, time, or worries about the company or the cleaning agents they use, there’s always a worry that lingers in the back of your mind.

At Tersus Services, we understand these worries. Our goal has always been to offer our clients the peace of mind they need, while simultaneously helping them better understand their needs.

That is why we’ve created the most comprehensive custom cleaning and sanitation service on the market, available all across the South of England.

We can combine traditional cleaning and sanitation with ULV fogging, and external jet washing to create a perfect solution for any space, residential or commercial.

We’ll help you create a cleaning schedule that fits your needs and budget to a tee. On top of that, we’ll ensure that every cleaning is undertaken at a convenient time for you, during or outside of business hours.

A new way of cleaning is possible with Tersus Services.

Visit the Contact Us page, or email team@tersus-services.com to get started.

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