Now, if you ask three people what they think constitutes proper cleaning, you’ll get three different answers. That’s because every space has different challenges, and what people expect depends on their own preferences and budget.

But, the game has changed, and we need to change with it. And now, we need to rethink what proper cleaning looks like, and who we trust to take care of our cleaning needs.

Cleaning as evolved to become a two-fold need to become a combination of sanitising high-touch surfaces and protection against airborne pathogens, like the novel coronavirus.

Now, with the fight against COVID-19 at it’s most important stage, it’s up to people to trust cleaning services with their needs, and for reputable cleaning services to step up.

And for businesses across the South of England, there’s only one partner to look to – Tersus Services.

Tersus Services understands the unique cleaning needs businesses to have and can adapt our solutions to each challenge and the budget our customers have.

So, while you focus on steering your business through the most tumultuous time in modern history, let us take care of your cleaning needs, and keep your staff and customers safe.

Through a combination of external jet washing and sanitation, full traditional interior space sanitation, and ULV fogging, we offer our clients the peace-of-mind they need to focus on what matters most to them.

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