The world has changed, and we have no choice but to change with it.

From how we interact with each other, to how we clean, the need for a thorough, thought-out
approach has never been more important.

But, aside from the immediate need for a disinfection to keep staff and customers protected against
COVID-19, a long-term cleaning and disinfection from a reputable service has many more benefits.
Let’s take a look at some.

Fewer sick days taken: COVID-19 may be the main focus of all cleaning services, but there are many
more harmful viruses and bacteria that can severely impact any store or office, not least the
common cold. With a regular disinfection, you can limit the spread of bacteria in shared spaces, like
open office, kitchens, and toilets, and ultimately minimising sick days taken.

No internal cleaning staff worries: Having an internal cleaning staff compliment presents its own set
of challenges. By having an outsourced cleaning service, you know that all services are completed
professionally, timeously, and with safe chemicals. Best of all, the Tersus Services team is available
24/7, meaning cleaning services can be undertaken outside of office hours, so that there’s no impact
on your trading time.

Happier staff: A clean workplace means staff breath clean air, and work in a space that leaves a good
impression on them and customers. At Tersus Services, our goal isn’t just to clean spaces, we want
people to focus on what matters most to them, without the worry of constant cleaning.

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