Never before has the world reacted with such fervour and vigour to a need for proper sanitation and cleaning. And while many businesses have reacted by having staff work from home, or reducing the number of staff on-premises, for many businesses, a large change is simply not an option.

And so, many of those businesses have had to react to drastic changes in cleaning methods and needs on-the-fly, relying on insufficient tools and chemicals, and staff that aren’t trained in disinfection and sanitation, to meet their drastic new requirements.

And the fact is that most businesses simply do not have the time or expertise to retrain staff.

That is why the future of office cleaning isn’t in-house expertise but outsourced to trusted companies that have the resources and expertise to offer a continuous cleaning service that meets every company’s individual needs and budget.

A company like Tersus Services.

At Tersus Services, we offer customised, tailored cleaning solutions to companies across the South of England, whether they need a one-off clean or a long-term cleaning partner. Our unique approach means we can combine traditional cleaning and sanitation techniques with ULV fogging, to offer unparalleled cleaning efficacy at an affordable price. A truly unique approach to truly unique times.

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